We owe these warriors our freedom and liberties.  Please honor them whenever and wherever you can.


G4Grads was founded in 2009 to provide a source for unique, operational and personalized gifts for our Military members.  The GLOCK sidearm was chosen to meet this need as it is a proven Combat / Law Enforcement sidearm that will become your family heirloom.  Originally a program for the five Military Service Academies, we expanded it to all Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of all those who embrace the proud Profession of Arms.  

Hundreds of guns later, we've delivered personalized GLOCK handguns to all of the US Military Services, military academies, military prep schools, and numerous Law Enforcement agencies across the USA.

Working with GLOCK, INC. we have a program that makes available to all US Military members, Law Enforcement and First Responders one of the most reliable semi-automatic pistols made anywhere in the world at the best price. This weapon can be engraved with a Class crest, badge, name, call sign, and other personal data as desired.  This GLOCK-approved engraving method does not penetrate through the special GLOCK Nitrate finish on the slide, preserving the weapon's durability and its original GLOCK warranty. 

We have an in-house ATF-licensed FFL as well as a GLOCK-certified Armorer. We will answer any questions that arise with our program or get you the answer.

G4Grads supports Disabled American Veterans, Retired American Veterans, as well as nationally recognized organizations that focus on our warriors.  The G4Grads program is intended to serve as a reminder of the commitment, dedication, and perseverance required of all our men and women who enter the proud Profession of Arms so that the rest of us can live in America and enjoy the rights of democracy and full freedom.

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