Customizing GLOCKs for all military services

How to get your Class Gun:

Since every Class Gun is customized for you, it is best to start by contacting:

Include your: 

  • Name, phone number, and Academy
  • Engraving ideas and artwork
  • Model of GLOCK you want

 We are here to help you all the way ---- don't worry!  

  • We have over 25 years of GLOCK experience (certified armorer) so selecting the perfect model and caliber of weapon for you will be fun
  • We can share with you what your classmates are considering as engravings
  • We can give you illustrations of past Class Guns
  • If you are a parent or sponsor of a cadet, you may purchase a Class Gun as a gift without letting your cadet know (provided your cadet meets legal requirements to own a handgun) --- we do this all the time!


Display Case

We have a very limited number of our customized walnut display cases left.  These are available on a first-come basis.  When they are gone, we will not be carrying any more due to the increase is raw material pricing. You do not need to buy a gun to buy a case.

We look forward to helping you get started. 

Again this email address to get the process going is:


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