GLOCKS can be engraved in up to four locations on the slide; two on the top and one on each side depending on the model.  One custom engraving, in your choice of location, is included in the price.  This GLOCK-approved engraving method does not penetrate through the special GLOCK Nitrate finish on the slide, preserving the weapon's durability and its original GLOCK warranty.

9mm Gen5's, including the G45 and G43X, have slide serrations that improve the tactile surface but reduce the side engraving areas.  On these models the right side engraving area is the size of a nickel and is limited to a small badge or three letters.   The left side has no engraving area.  If you aren't certain whether your gun will have serrations, view the photos on GLOCK's website

Engravings are silver lines on the black gun, and can include text and/or an image such as a badge or crest.  Text will be similar to Times New Roman unless you specify something different.  It can be any combination of upper and/or lower case as you specify on your order form.

When specifying engraving, clearly define what you want engraved and in which location.  A crest/badge will be the same size regardless of engraving location. Write legibly as you are responsible for the exact printing, including upper case, lower case, punctuation, etc.  If you choose to have a crest, insignia or badge engraved such as your class crest, unit badge, service insignia, etc. you must provide an image or line drawing with your completed order form at the time of submittal. 

A note about engraving Class Crests:  

Class crests, when reduced to the size of a gun engraving, look very busy.  Since the engraving will reproduce every line in your artwork, in our experience less complex images tend to look better.

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